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So if you want to start learning Perl, make sure you buy the Llama. Moreover, check that you are buying the fourth edition.

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Another book I recommend a lot is the Perl Cookbook. This book is an excellent companion to both Learning Perl and Programming Perl. Need a web scraping or data wrangling solution?

Learning Perl, Fourth Edition

Next we are introduced to more control structures, these are standard toolbox commands such as conditionals, incrementers and loops which are many and varied. Interestingly, at the end of this chapter, the exercise is one that appeared as an example in the Introduction of the first edition -- 10 chapters into the fourth edition!

More chapters deal with file and directory handling.

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  5. Its worth noting from this, that a vast amount of documentation is included with standard installations of perl; a quick man perl will get you going, or perldoc perltoc. This is expected to be the last Llama book published before the release of Perl v6 but Perl v6 is hardly mentioned, new users of Perl would be interested to know of future developments.

    My main concern was the lack of coverage for CPAN, the online Perl archive, absolutely crucial to anyone writing Perl code. This edition doesn't have Larry Wall's original foreword but it continues the tradition of copious footnotes, most of which are either exceptions to the rules -- which are many -- or bad jokes.

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    Modern Perl, Fourth Edition by chromatic A Perl expert can solve a problem in a few lines of well-tested code. You Might Also Like. What You Need. Perl 5. Errata Releases.