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Course: Side Dish Theme: Vegetarian. Theme: Vegetarian. Course: Soup and Stew. Course: Salad Theme: Healthy , Vegetarian. Presented by:. Learn More. Donate Help everyone explore new ideas, discover new worlds, expand their horizons. Donate Today. I would like to make a slightly healthier version by substiting the: 1 35g all purpose flour for 35g of a nut flour almond , and 2 30g sugar for either honey or maple syrup. I believe the flour can be substituted fo. My family and I just returned from a month in France. Every morning we feasted on baguettes from a corner bakery, so I was excited to try Paul's recipe upon our return to the U.

As much as I enjoy Paul's delicious breads, I genuinely appreciate his instructions, which I find exceptionally thoughtful, succinct, and informative. A couple of dozen h. This was pretty but SO sweet. Too sweet.

We had a couple bites and couldn't eat any more, so I brought a slice to my mom and she couldn't eat it either. I reported her and blocked her! Probably was not a her anyway but a bot Russian, Chinese, African all wanting to infect peoples computers. Cook rice, add salt and vinegar. Boil squash and carrots. Mash the squash and slice carrots into strips. Add malunggay leaves, iodized salt, and ground pepper to the mashed squash.

Place pechay Tagalog in boiling water for two minutes. Assemble the sushi by placing tablespoons of rice, two tablespoons of the mashed squash, and carrots strips on top of one pechay Tagalog leaf. Roll then cut into pieces before serving. Combine flour, water, achuete water, and butter in one bowl. Add iodized salt and water.

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Mix until it becomes thick. Add grated papaya and squash into the mixture. Take one teaspoon and shape into circle. Deep-fry until golden brown. Eating healthy does wonders to the body. Vegetables and fruits — a big part of a healthy diet — contain the important vitamins, minerals, and fiber that contribute to the regulation of body processes.

This requirement is not a problem in an agricultural country like the Philippines. From rural farmers to backyard gardens , there is no longer any excuse not to eat healthy. If you are creative enough, eating healthy is easy — with very important benefits in the long run!

'You can do so many interesting and wonderful things with vegetables'

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Cooking Vegetables Takes More Creativity—And That's a Good Thing

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7 Basic Cooking Techniques for Vegetables - It's a Veg World After All

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