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Year: Volume: 7 Issue: 4 Page No.

Electromagnetic Field Energies in Capacitors and Inductors - Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Gholampour , T. Javadifar , S. Owji and A. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of ELFEMF on endocrine secretion and structure of pancreas in rats.

1 Introduction

The sham rats were subjected to sham exposure and the control rats were kept in animal room. In final, blood samples collected for the determination of the insulin, glucagon and glucose concentration in the plasma. The pancreas was examined using light microscopy. In conclusion, long term exposure to EMF impacts insulin secretion by influencing the structure of pancreas.

Sm Electromag Field Energy Sm

How to cite this article: F. A voltage can hold positive and negative charges on the plates of the capacitor while producing an internal electric field. Assuming idealized geometry, the energy of a charged capacitor equals. This energy can be considered to be stored in the electric field, which implies a corresponding energy density with. Next consider an air-core inductor, again assuming idealized geometry.

The relative permeability is approximated as 1.

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The inductance of a helical conducting coil, as shown in the graphic, is then given by , where is the number of turns. Typical values can be in the range of microhenries H.

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Considered as a solenoid, the inductor produces a magnetic field , when carrying a current. The energy of the inductor equals , which implies a magnetic-field energy density.


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Electromagnetic field for charging & energizing the etheric & physical body

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Biological Effects of Low Energy Electromagnetic Fields on the Central Nervous System

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