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FARANG: The Story of Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok Thai Empire

AbeBooks Bookseller Since: August 14, Stock Image. Published by Fawcett, New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. Shipping: Free Within U. About this Item Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. The Personality Brokers. Chasing My Cure. David Fajgenbaum. Daemon Voices. Philip Pullman. Tasting Grace. She Said. Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor.

Neil Gorsuch. Thunder Through My Veins.

Blake’s defense cries foul over writer at crime scene

Gregory Scofield. Life Sketches. The President. Stephen Fried. Call Sign Chaos. Bing West and Jim Mattis. Outsider in the White House. Senator Bernie Sanders. On Sunset. Kathryn Harrison. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman. Rising Out of Hatred. To Obama. Jeanne Marie Laskas. Fashion Climbing. Bill Cunningham. All Things Consoled. Elizabeth Hay. Through his campaign to the DA's office, the story behind his leaving Brooklyn is revealed. Mullaly admits up front to the reader that he was basically fired from his job as a federal prosecutor. Although he had obtained some highly visible convictions through "overly aggressive" means , he finds himself unemployed due to his unwitting protection of a few bad cops who happen to be his hunting buddies.

The admitted underclass Irishman lands on his feet in Boston naturally , hobnobs with the blue bloods, and ends up running for public office despite the skeletons in his closet. Keeping those skeletons hidden is the driving force behind Mullaly's run for office, while his campaign manager's goal is to use Mullaly's Brooklyn experience to get the vote. The obvious conflict due to Mullaly's failure to come clean keeps the story moving.

While this reader found that Weld's propensity for name-dropping and excessive use of large words kept the novel from being a real page-turner, it is an interesting story with an unusual twist. The story combines all the necessary elements a reader could want in light reading: money, politics, sex, love, and the quest for power. Malina R. Fischer, U. She practices in labor and employment law. Ben Kincaid is a solo practitioner who has, until now, handled small stakes cases in his criminal defense practice.

Early into the novel Naked Justice , the author depicts the type of man and lawyer Kincaid is: though honest and passionate about his clients, who often are unable to pay his bills, his law practice is falling apart. What's more, Kincaid must care for his abandoned, infant nephew.

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In Naked Justice, Kincaid's abilities are challenged for the first time to defend the city mayor in a high-profile case that involves the gruesome triple murders of the mayor's wife and two young daughters. Some of the story line is unoriginal in that it closely resembles the O.

The Killing Season: A Summer Inside an Lapd Homicide Division

Simpson murders, including the media circus, the police chase with live television coverage, and the proffered motive for the murders as a case of domestic abuse that escalated out of control. In any event, the mayor knows Kincaid's reputation as a lawyer and wants Kincaid's help. Kincaid hesitates to represent the mayor because many facts establish the mayor's guilt: A neighbor saw him leaving the scene of the murder covered with blood, and it was well known they were unhappily married.

Despite his better judgment, Kincaid eventually agrees to represent the mayor, and soon after it is apparent the mayor may not be guilty after all. As Kincaid delves into his investigation, he learns that the police tampered with evidence, suspects were not interviewed, and others who dealt with the mayor had their own reasons for wanting him dead.

Kincaid becomes convinced that the mayor is not guilty as he receives death threats from a stranger and discovers clues that convince him someone other than the accused is responsible for the triple murders, with a much more evil motive. As the trial progresses, Naked Justice draws readers into the courtroom drama, allowing them to wonder what the outcome of the trial will be. In a surprise ending, the identity of the murderer and Kincaid's stalker is revealed. More importantly, one learns that regardless of the facts in a given case, things are never as they seem.

Naked Justice addresses realistic problems an attorney faces while searching for the truth to save his client's life. Though some of the similarities to the O. Simpson case detract from the story, the author still manages to effectively portray a high-profile murder case with a suspenseful outcome. The novel contains enough truth and criminal procedure to spark the interest of an attorney, yet is sufficiently readable to capture the interest of a nonlawyer. Laura C.

The Killing Season by Miles Corwin: | Books

Suess, William Mitchell , is a solo general practitioner in Hales Corners. A urrent genre of novels involves the U. Supreme Court and its secret inner workings. Atlantica Airlines Inc.

Corwin, Miles

With apologies to the feminists among us, Fremont is an American success story. Assisted by a Machiavellian character, Fremont leaves stripping behind, graduates at the top of her class from Stanford, and pursues a Supreme Court clerkship with Justice Truitt. Fremont has to keep her dancing past and the fact that she is employed by Atlantica Airlines Inc.

Justice Truitt is the junior justice on the court. We follow his struggle in deciding to hire Fremont - she is gorgeous and he doesn't feel his spouse will understand the clerk selection process.

Fremont's brains and interpersonal skills overcome her physical attributes and she is hired. Truitt struggles with his failing marriage, the Court politics, and Atlantica Airlines. The parties to the suit are the widow of a passenger and Atlantica. The case is dismissed via summary judgment and the court has to decide whether to grant certiorari. The legal procedure in the book is well written. The many intricacies of the plot are far reaching and include homicide, extortion, obstruction of justice, and judicial activism to the nth degree.

The plot devices are overbroad; Levine obviously wants to keep us all interested, but this also is the novel's only shortcoming. Oliver Wendell Holmes' description of the U. Supreme Court provides the title to this work.

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It also aptly describes the difficulties of the clerk and justice. Michael T. He formerly was a prosecutor in Washington and Kenosha counties.

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