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Discuss the pattern, causes and consequences of wars in the former Soviet Union, especially the Caucasus. How far are these phenomena of a specifically post-Soviet transformation, and how far can be we explain them in terms of forces also at work elsewhere? De Waal, Chechnya : a small victorious war, London: Pan Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter with email subscription list.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, London: Routledge, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Craig N. Cambridge: Polity, Boston: Little, Volker Rittberger ed. What kinds of war have these been and what is their significance for our understanding of war in the contemporary world? P J Gow, ed. Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq, Sanctions Against Iraq: Background, Consequences, Strategies Part II: Explaining wars: power relations in zones of conflict 5 State fragmentation, ethnicity and new states MS What are the relationships in contemporary war between state fragmentation and formation, and the much-cited phenomenon of 'ethnic conflict'?

Examine with particular reference to Yugoslavia. Discuss what the Strebrenica massacre tells us about international intervention in Bosnia and other new wars. How far have lessons been learned from this disaster? United Nations, Report on Srebrenica.

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The trial of Serbian General Radislav Krstic, for his part in Srebrenica, has been going on throughout and much information is available at this site; see also ICTY site below. Women of Srebrenica refugees' site. The Bosnia Institute site, with Books on Bosnia online database.

Can contemporary African wars be adequately explained in terms of state failure? How different are they from wars in other regions, or in earlier periods? Paul Rich ed.

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Warlords in International Relations, London: Macmillan , esp. Kaldor and V. Bashee eds. New Wars, London: Pinter ME Sharpe and Donald M. William Zartman, ed. Adebayo Adedeji ed. Taisier M. Ali and Robert O. Matthew ed. Samuel M. Warlords in International Relations, London: Macmillan , Joanna Macrae and Anthony Zari eds. Is 'genocide' a phenomenon widespread in contemporary wars or restricted to one or two cases, such as Rwanda? What have been the relationships between mass expulsions producing massive refugee movements and mass killing? How should we understand the Rwandan genocide and how is it connected to the pattern of wars in the region?

What have been the failures of understanding in the West, and how are they connected to failures of moral and political response? G Prunier, The Rwanda crisis, history of a genocide, Hurst London: Zed. D Millwood, ed, The international response to conflict and genocide: lessons from the Rwanda experience, 5 vols, Documents counter.

Rules of Engagement

Nowrojee, B. Michael D. Quam, Creating peace in an armed society: Karamoja, Uganda, African Studies Quarterly 1, 1. Paul J. Twagiramariya, C. How far do the roles of media in contemporary wars vary? Assess the major hypotheses concerning the roles of media and how far they can account for contrasting roles in different situations.

Michael Ignatieff, 'Is Nothing Sacred? Noam Chomsky and B.

Dajenais, Manufacturing Consent, Pantheon, Charles Moskos and TE Ricks, Reporting war when there is no war: the media and the military in peace and humanitarian operations, Cantigny Conference series, Special report, This reflected the intention of the Air Protocols and was inconsistent with the U. As Parks noted, "Any law of war rule that offers the potential for a military advantage VICK, supra note 7, at 41 n.

Danielle L. INT'L L. Echoing Douhet's theories, it was the U.

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Colonel William J. PGMs now come in a wide variety of warhead types, guidance packages, and delivery methods. From short-range glide bombs to long-range cruise missiles, from television guided anti-tank missiles to satellite guided "bunker busters," there are now different types of precision weapons suited for nearly any mission or target. The development of these munitions, and their acquisition by the U. Although precision guided munitions and satellite navigation systems such as the Global Positioning System GPS are driving this "revolution in military affairs," it is the fusion of those systems with intelligence and information technology that allows the U.

These expenditures have likely increased substantially since the figures were published in , as the United States has fought three air campaigns since then-Kosovo, Afghanistan, and the second Gulf War-after each of which it replaced its stores of PGMs. First launched in , GPS is a constellation of 24 satellites that allow users to determine their position.

By calculating the delay in radio signals sent by these satellites, handheld GPS receivers on earth can triangulate the receiver's longitude and latitude.

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Charles J. See generally Eliot A. A number of recent 'friendly fire' mishaps have illustrated the difference between accuracy-the capability of reliably hitting targets-and precision, the capability to hit the right target. For example, GPS-guided weapons are only as good as the target coordinates programmed into them; due to an error caused in part by out-of- date maps, U.

In Afghanistan in , three U.

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  • AI-driven asymmetric warfare.

Special Forces soldiers were killed and the future President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, was injured when a battery failure in a GPS receiver unit reset the target coordinates to the receiver's own location. Precision is based on the knowledge of "what to hit and where to find it. It is now almost a clich6 that airpower can kill anything it can see Although the media portrayed the air campaign as being overwhelmingly precise, only 6. As many as eight-five percent of PGMs reportedly hit within ten feet of their aim points, while unguided "dumb" bombs hit the target only twenty-five percent of the time.

Air Force, "was a vindication of the old concept of precision 12 6 bombing; the technology [has] finally caught up with the doctrine.

The Laws of War: Constraints on Warfare in the Western World

During the Kosovo conflict, for example, only about thirty-four percent of the 23, bombs dropped were PGMs, but those weapons struck sixty-four percent of their targets. No weapon better symbolizes the aims and capabilities of precision warfare than the JDAM. Although not as precise as a laser-guided bomb, it is able to steer itself by GPS to any target, even through inclement weather or thick smoke.

JDAMs can be dropped as far as fifteen miles away from the target and from altitudes exceeding 35, feet. Such errors are known as "targeting process error" in military jargon. Infeld, supra note , at Puttr6, supra note , at JDAMs are designed to be accurate to within ten to fifteen meters, but some sources suggest they may in fact regularly impact within four to six meters of their target coordinates, 13 1 depending on the quality of the GPS signal.

Placing more guided bombs on fewer aircraft allows for more targets to be attacked with fewer aircrews-reducing the risk to U. Loeb, supra note Planned upgrades will reportedly also improve the accuracy of the JDAM to a 3m 10ft CEP by boosting the signal through ground-based differential corrections and adding an infrared seeker.

See Puttr6, supra note , at Thompson, supra note , at The United States operates all of its armed services from a single combat command structure that is organized around geographic regions. Now we assign two targets to an 41 aircraft. One of the avenues being pursued is the development of a variety of smaller guided weapons. The current and pound JDAMs will soon be joined by a pound version.

This smaller bomb would have a number of advantages over its larger brethren. First, assuming similar fuse and warhead selection, it poses less chance that an attack would injure civilians in the vicinity of the target.